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The Good Counsel Network

Mediating the Mission of Motherhood

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Donating Baby Goods

You can help our Mothers and save us money by donating the following baby items. Although we are really grateful for any offers of goods, as we have only limited storage space and we can only take what we can use at any particular time. For the same reason we feel it is best to be quite specific about what we do and don not need. We are happy to accept second hand goods in good condition. If you would prefer to buy new goods you can view our Amazon wishlist here.

Always Wanted

• Vouchers for maternity goods and clothes - from any clothes shop but particularly those who do a maternity range. This allows the woman a little dignity in being able choose and buy her own maternity underwear for example

• Moses Baskets

• Cots - All screws and parts must be present.

• Pushchairs - we only need lighter buggy type pushchairs suitable for a newborn (so they need to lie flat when reclined). Please do not donate ones with broken brakes, damaged reclining mechanisms or broken or worn out wheels.

• Baby Baths

• 0-6 Month Old Baby Clothes, Boys and Girls, of reasonable condition. Not so high priority but also useful are 6-12 month clothes. "Astronaut" suits - outdoor warm clothes for babies

• Baby and toddler shoes up to about age 7

• Baby Carriers/Slings

Not needed

• Toys

• Potties

• Adult clothes (except maternity clothes)

• Broken baby equipment that just needs this one thing fixed...