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The Good Counsel Network

Mediating the Mission of Motherhood

0207 723 1740

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Mass, Adoration and Prayer

Want to find Prayers? click here: Prayers to Our Patrons or Other Prayers

We have a strong emphasis on prayer and asking for God's help in our work. Please come and join us at any of the following. Please be aware that for anything held in our centre you need to let us know you are coming in advance by calling us or via email.

You can find prayers to our Patron Saints by clicking here.

Sign-up for regular updates so that you can be informed of times and when there are cancellations or changes. If you are in London for the day, phone 020 7723 1740 to check times.


Sign up to commit to an hour of Adoration of the most Blessed Sacrament for our work once a week. You can fulfil this in any Church of your choice.

Monthly Latin Mass at Corpus Christi

The Latin Mass Society organises Mass for the work of the Good Counsel Network in the Old Rite (Extrordinary Form), at 6.30pm on the Second Friday of each month at Corpus Christi Church, Maiden Lane, Central London.

Nearest tube station is Charing Cross Station.

Call us on 020 7723 1740 if you want to check if the Mass is on (e.g. during public holidays).

Rosary Rota:

Sign up to say a Rosary for our work once a month. A small but essential commitment.

Days of Prayer and Fasting:

We organise Prayer and Fast days each month for the end of abortion and euthanasia. You can fast on bread and water or just give up luxury items from chocolates to TV for the day, or any level of fasting in between. Prayer suggestions for the day include saying a Rosary, attending an extra Mass, or whatever you can offer in prayer. Read about these days and sign up to find out when the next one is.

Daily Prayer Vigils outside marie stopes:

Daily vigils held in Central London, Twickenham and in Ealing where we pray peacefully for the Mothers and babies going in to the abortuary and where help is offered to each woman in a quiet and unobtrusive way right up until the moment she enters the abortuary.

Also, to learn about regular Saturday morning Vigils at abortuaries around the UK contact The Helpers of God's Precious Infants (see our Links page). The Good Counsel Network supports the peaceful, prayerful model of Prayer Vigils run by The Helpers.

Sign-up for further information.